60th International Art Exhibition

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K I M I K O   Y O S H I D A

presents her new works at Palazzo Amalteo

During the Biennal
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April 15 / November 25, 2024








 H O M O  F A B E R  I N  C I T T À

K I M I K O   Y O S H I D A

10 April / 1 May 2022
2 / 6 pm

The Tale of Genji - kakejiku
The Tale of Genji - kakejiku

Photographer Kimiko Yoshida works with prestigious artisans at Nishijin in Kyoto to create a series of kakejiku (Japanese paintings mounted on a roll that are unrolled to hang on the wall).

Giant kakejiku (350 x 180 cm) are made of the silk making up a kimono; each length of silk is screen-printed with tone-on-tone lacquer with a pattern that requires 7 color passages.

Giant Kakejiku


Another series of large and medium kakejiku shows, as if by transparency, a "double image" : a modern photograph (self-portrait of the artist on canvas) and the "lacquered image" (urushi-e) of an antique drawing illustrating The Tale of Genji (story written in the 11th century by Lady Murasaki-shikibu).

The Tale of Genji - detail