27© Mathias Jaquemet
Lise Stoufflet was born in 1989 and grew up in the southern suburbs of Paris.
In 2009, she entered École nationale supérieure de Paris and spent 5 years there in the studio of the painter Philippe Cognée. She continues today her artistic practice in Aubervilliers where she created and develops the Houloc project with around fifteen artists; a shared workshop and artist-run-space.
She showcased solo exhibitions at several art spaces : Studiolo in Milan, a solo show curated by Maria-Chiara Vallachi, 2019 ; Capillus, Espace Mutatio in Nantes, 2018 ; Les Confidences curated by Luiza Vanelli-Schmidt in Paris, 2018 ; Les Barreaux # 3, Le Châssis in Paris, 2016 ; Permesse, Galerie Under Constucion in Paris, 2015 ; Sans chercher l’ataraxie, Galerie Premier Regard in Paris, 2014.
As well as group ex hibitions (selection) : I want to feel alive again, Lyles & King Gallery, New York, 2020 ; Comme un parfum d’aventure, curated by Matthieu Lelièvre and Marilou Laneuville, Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon, 2020 ; Échappée, curated by Elodie Bernard, Galerie La Peau de L’Ours, Brussels, 2020 ; High Voltage, Espace Nassima-Landau, Tel Aviv, 2020 ; Inner Escape, curated by Raphaël Isvy, HOFA Gallery, London, 2020 ; Ripe Beings, White Crypt, London, 2019 ; Feux, Espace Arondit, Paris, 2019 ; Off Art-O-Rama, Le Collective, Marseille, 2019 ; Novembre à Vitry, 2018 ; 18 x 13, Galerie CDLT +, Liège, 2018 ; Recto / Verso, charity auction sale for the benefit of Secours populaire, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, 2018 ; Attitudes, Air Project Gallery, Geneva, 2018 ; La Saga, Double V, Marseille, 2018 ; Greffes, Art Club # 18, Villa Medicis, Rome, 2018 ; Un monde in-tranquille, Abbaye Saint-André-Centre d’art contemporain, Meymac, 2017 ; The Smell of the Moon, duo show with Romain Vicari, Galerie Bugada & Cargnel, Paris, 2017 ; Peindre, dit-elle (chap. 2), curated by Julie Crenn, Musée des beaux-arts, Dole, 2017.